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** Ocean Globe with Brass Base **

About “Copper’s Treasure Chest”: It is our intent to provide our customers with outstanding service and to meet and exceed our customers expectations. We also try to provide you the lowest possible price for the highest quality items available.

Copper’s Treasure Chest is a subsidiary company of WINTU WORKS Productions©. At Copper’s, our focus is on presenting our customers with unique, quality items, produced by indigenous peoples throughout the world. It is our aim to support the processes of Fair Trade, bringing you exciting, difficult to find, authentic art & crafts. It is equally important to us to enhance understanding among individuals of different cultures, and insure that the artists creating these beautiful items earn a sustainable living. We appreciate your support in this endeavor!

WINTU WORKS Productions© is a family co-operative business specializing in marketing products created by local indigenous peoples and family members. The base ‘family’ of WINTU WORKS Productions© is a multi-tribal concern, representing the Wintu of Northern California, the Aleut of the Aleutian Islands, the Apache of Arizona, and the Pipil of El Salvador, Central America.

Though we also feature handmade products created by persons outside the family circle, each artist and her/his materials must meet with the exacting standards we impose upon ourselves – specifically the highest quality materials and techniques to produce the high quality, unique items you will find here.

The goal at Copper’s Treasure Chest is to promote the art and crafts work of indigenous peoples. While at this time, we also offer products of a more commercial nature, we are moving towards an entirely handcrafted, Fair Trade line of goods. We will accomplish this transition by mid-2011.

Through the practices of Fair Trade, each artist is ensured to receive a rate of exchange guaranteed to cover the cost of their materials, labor, and enough to sustain a living for the artist and their family. We at Copper’s Treasure Chest believe this is the ONLY fair, and appropriate way to do business.

It is our hope that our customers will support our efforts to help promote a better lifestyle for indigenous people by purchasing our products, and telling their Friends about our site, too!

We invite you to explore our collection of Artistically Inspired Fine Gemstone Jewelry and Quality World Crafts. Let us help you find just the right pieces to bring beauty, elegance, and even a touch of history, for your self and your environment. Through our FAIR TRADE purchase practices, YOUR purchases will help families from Developing Countries improve their quality of life, as you enhance your own!

Copper’s Treasure Chest is a retailer of high-end Fair Trade Gifts, including: Handmade Turquoise Jewelry, Gemstone Pendants, Sterling Silver & Gold Vermeil Jewelry, Authentic Indian Pottery & Jewelry, Decorative Home & Garden Accessories, African Drums & other Percussion Instruments, and Many Other Unique Items. With 25 years of experience and over 150 products we offer tremendous selection at bottom-line prices!

The exquisite piece shown above is described below;

Inlaid Gemstone Black Ocean Globe with Brass Base

Different genuine gemstones from around the world were painstakingly assembled by hand in this spectacular demonstration of craftsmanship.

The globe itself is 8-1/2″ in diameter and mounted on a beautiful pegasus-shaped, heavy polished and plated brass stand. Each country is inlaid with a different gemstone, the ocean is black, all polished and set into this exquisite piece of art. The latitude and longitude lines are very thin ribbons of brass, embedded through the globe.

The dimensions of the base are approximately 15-1/2″ by 11-1/2″ and the entire piece is 21″ tall.

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